Should we use Refrigerated containers to export sake?

Methods of transport of Sake to overseas, should we use refrigerated containers?

I would say the best way of shipping sake is to use Reefer containers, but it really depends. Some exporters/importers are using Dry containers, and they say No problem al all. As you may know, Reefer container costs about double compare to the price of Dry. At the beginning, if you are exporting small quantity, I think you may want to go for LCL service. However, normally logistics companies do not offer Reefer LCL. So you may end up going for DRY LCL.


IF there is no temperature control truck delivery service from the port in the arrival country to the final destination (warehouse or office), using Reefer container from Japan is maybe pointless. Because it will be HOT in the destination country from port to the final destination.


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