We wish to expand our business to Japanese Sake export to India.

Hi there,

We have been running our business here in Japan for about 10 years, and in the real near future we wish to expand our business to Japanese Sake export to India. Our company is registered in Tokyo, what do we need to consider getting into this industry?

If you are interested in exporting sake from Japan, first you will need to obtain the alcoholic beverage export license. Of course we can help your company step by step to gather necessary information and prepare application forms.


The overall cost is…

(1) 151,200 JPY (including 8% sales tax) for our consulting fee
(2) 90,000 JPY (Touroku Menkyozei) for the taxation office

Total: 241,200 JPY



In order to apply the license, we will need to obtain your company information such as Toukibo touhon, and this will be additional cost, but usually all together is less than 5000 yen. So roughly speaking, you should look for about 250,000 JPY for applying the export license.



If you want to apply for the export license, you will need to make a connection with the sake producers, or at least one company. In order to apply for the export license, here are some requirements in Japan.


  • (1) Get a letter of intent (brief agreement) from the sake producer.
  • (2) Get a letter of intent from an importer.
  • (3) Your company’s financial status must be in good shape in the past 3 years.
  • (4) Make sure your company has clean records of tax payments.
  • (5) Place: Make sure your place/office is OK to apply the license.
    It means if you are thinking about to use an apartment but the owner doesn’t want to, you cannot use this location. If you are using an office, usually there shouldn’t be a problem.


<About requirements in India>

Also, you should check the requirements in India to import alcoholic beverages such as product registration, label requirement and duties. If I were you, at least I will check these requirements.


Anyway, please let us know when you’d like to go further.




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