Can we use your import license for the first shipment?


I know this is an unusual question to ask, but we are not sure we really want to start importing wine from Spain to Japan yet. So we cannot decide whether we would like to obtain the license or not. In addition, we are not sure the wines that we would like to import will get attention here in Japan or not. So before we really start this project, is there anyway we borrow your license? I mean we would pay some fee, but could you import our wine by using your license?


About your question of using our import license, I am very surprised to hear that. Sorry to tell you this but we cannot do that because that’s not really a correct way of doing business. As you may know, the license and all of alcoholic beverages are tightly controlled by the taxation office here in Japan, we cannot let others to use our import license. Plus, even if you use ours or someone’s import license, you cannot sell wine unless you get a “retail license”.


Instead, you should look for obtaining your own import license. If you do not want to apply for the license, I wouldn’t recommend you to import and sell wine in Japan. Getting the license is the bottom line to start your project, and I don’t think it’s a risk. It’s basically the requirement to get into this industry. Hope you understand what I mean.


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