Can foreigners living in Japan apply for a wine import license?

Hello, I have been living in Tokyo and running my own company for about 3 years. I noticed that Japanese people consume wine a lot, so I am interested in importing wine from my country by getting my friend’s help. But I wonder I can apply for the license or not. Do you know?

Well, foreigners or Japanese won’t be an issue to apply for the alcoholic selling license. We helped an American guy ( he established his company in Japan) to get his license before. Other than license, you should check your visa status before start any your own business activities.


Anyway, in order to tell you the possibility of your company to get the license or not really depends your company’s back ground such as financial reports, registration information, location and etc.


So it would be much much efficient if you come over our office in Yokohama, or if you call me, then we will be able to ask you questions regarding your company status.


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